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The first Digital School in Afghanistan. Photon could not be left out!

The fact that new technologies are present in education has already become a standard. Schools are eager to use modern equipment, software and educational tools. But have you heard about “the Digital School”? What is hidden behind this term?


World-class school

The Kardan International School, the most innovative institution in the country, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan. Classes are conducted in English and students have the latest equipment at their disposal. As a result, they have a chance to experience various teaching methods. In addition to traditional textbooks, modern computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards and educational robots can also be find in Kardan International School. Photon appears as one of the key teaching aids and has become an inseparable part of many classes. The teaching spectrum is very wide, from normative methodology to music, art, calligraphy and painting classes to robotics and technical training. Children are eager to take part in such classes and may be sure that the acquired skills will find practical application in their daily lives.

Teaching methods are inspired by educational materials from international schools around the world. Children use tablets during classes and each class is equipped with multimedia equipment and large TVs with internet access. This approach means that every student starting from an early age can use cloud storage and process data also including Google Drive. The most talented students have a chance to receive annual scholarships.



Private investors are changing education

The school was built as part of a series of initiatives led by the Afghan entrepreneur Roeen Rahmani, who has been supporting the education sector in the country for years. Both foreign and Afghan teachers were selected from over 7,000 candidates. The facility was opened only nine months ago and is currently attended by 90 students. The school is developing very quickly and will soon expand with new classes.








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