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Code Week, European Coding Week.

Europe is starting to code! Code Week 2019 is getting closer!


Code Week is a pan-European social initiative whose goal is to promote learning to code. Countries participating in the coding week compete with each other in the numbers of organized programming events. This year, the sixth edition of Code Week will take a place. The organizers with partners from the IT and new technologies industry have prepared a lot of projects. The initiative is open, so anyone can take part in it or organize an event. Don’t worry, you don’t need programming experience to participate in the coding week. You can even register a computer science  lesson , the most important thing is that the topics need to be closely related to programming and new technologies.


How was it before?

Last year 44,000 events were organized, as a part of the code week, attended by nearly 2.7 million people from over 70 countries! Poland boasts a good result of 5,284 activities, so far it’s a record. We believe that this year result will be beaten. Just encourage as many people as possible to learn programming, great fun is guaranteed.


What has Photon prepared?

We can’t reveal it yet, but it will definitely be very creative. To show that programming is not only rows of symbols and numbers, Photon decided to stimulate your manual skills and the ability of logical thinking. There will be a lot to fight for, because especially for Code Week, we created limited edition educational mat, which will be a reward for the best performance in Photon competition. Follow our Facebook profile for more details about Photon’s Code Week coming your way!




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