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Good tools add strength to education.

Scratch is one of the most popular applications that allows programming by connecting blocks. Known and used in schools around the world. The great advantage of Scratch is the easy-to-use interface and the wide range of options and additional functions. The program allows you to create animations, music, interactive stories, and even simple games. Block programming is the visual arrangement of elements in a specific order. This creates a code that is assigned to the object. Teachers and students fell in love with the program with the “kitty” because of his universality. Scratch is completely free and that’s why is available to everyone. His huge strength is the huge community behind him. It brings together users from around the world and allows them to exchange experiences and share knowledge. Students can share created applications on the Internet. It is an excellent tool not only for working in groups but also for individual learning.



New possibilities in Scratch 3.0!

A new, improved version of this program loved in schools is ahead of us. What to expect? Scratch 3.0 is a completely new software interface. The modern and transparent appearance affects work efficiency, which becomes even faster and more pleasant. Ambitious students have the opportunity to create their projects using multiple devices at the same time. Using Bluetooth, we can easily connect to Photon, Makey Makey, Micro: Bit, Lego, WeDo or Mindstorms. What’s so special about it? All integrations can be combined and programmed in one window. For example, by arranging a program in Scratch we can use the Micro: Bit buttons as a joystick to control the robot. On the other hand, Photon sensors can be used to control a structure made of the Lego Boost. What if you want to use both? Sure! You can mix tools in the desired way. Besides, in Scratch 3.0 we will find additional blocks, extensions, and functions. The improved text-to-speech option, communication with the program in many languages ​​are just some of them.


About how the kitty becomes a friend with the robot …

Photon is not only a robot and extensive mobile applications connected with it. The didactic tools used during classes can be extended very easily. Using the Photon Magic Bridge application and the small Magic Dongle adapter, we can connect to the robot using a computer. This allows us to take advantage of additional features, including programming in Scratch! Thanks to this, we can create complex projects. Students creating their programs can use a virtual kitty and physical robot. In addition to the standard possibilities offered by Scratch, the tool has been expanded to include blocks for issuing commands to Photon and for interacting with the environment thanks to the sensors the robot has. Also, the Magic Bridge application installed on your computer allows you to program up to eight Photons at the same time!

If you haven’t started your programming adventure yet, catch up quickly! You will not be bored!












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