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Introducing your new favourite edu app – Photon Magic Bridge

Photon Robot is a product dedicated to teachers and students. That’s why its key characteristics, such as the ease of use, universality, and most importantly: effectiveness, are so important. The device was designed to be effective at teaching, and on keeping children focused.

On all phases of development, we consult our products with educationalists, parents and most importantly – children. Thanks to that, we gain more adequate feedback, and our products respond to the most vital needs, that modern schools have.

All these iterations and meetings have led us to a simple conclusion – we need something, that will make lessons easier for teachers, more interesting for children, and make use of the resources available to the school. With that in mind, we decided to increase the positive impact of studying with Photon Robot, while making it all more affordable. Nobody wants to pay for additional app integration, software or educational equipment.  This is how the Photon Magic Bridge app and the Magic Dongle came to life.

Photon Magic Bridge gives you new possibilities

In its first educational version, Photon utilizes the Photon EDU app. That’s a great solution for teachers, as it includes access to free lesson plan templates, which let them save a lot of time. We’ve come to a conclusion though, that it’s not enough. Especially, when so many other apps, that the teacher might want to use, exist. They all increase the amount of options available for creating lessons and enhance the development of children. What apps do we mean? For example: the popular Scratch or Make Code [with integrated JavaScript] – well known solutions, free and easy to personalize. Let’s talk about them for a tiny bit.

Scratch is a free app, that allows people to code by connecting blocks. It’s often used at schools all over the world. It’s simple, has lots of potential for coding exercises, and is really universal. It also has a strong and unique community. Scratch connects users from all over the world, so that they could exchange experiences and knowledge. It’s the correct approach, that we value a lot at here at Photon.

Microsoft MakeCode is yet another popular app used at schools. Just like Scratch, it involves coding by connecting blocks, but what’s key here: it utilizes JavaScript. This solution allows for much more advanced coding. Make Code uses the script to create sophisticated and advanced functions, variables, sequences etc. that can be performed by the Robot afterwards.

All interactive class tools in one


Let’s go back to Photon Magic Bridge and its main features. Magic Bridge is an application, that lets the user access… many different apps at once! In the main panel you’ll find: Scratch, Make Code & JavaScript, as well as Photon EDU, Photon Coding, Photon Robot and the interfaces: Photon Draw, Photon Badge, Photon Blocks and Photon Code. As you can see, that’s a wide array of possibilities.

Additionally, Photon Magic Bridge cooperates with a tiny device called Magic Dongle. It allows connection between a computer and 8 robots in your class – at the same time! The comfort of usage by students and teachers is increased dramatically. Let’s just add, that Magic Bridge can, by the help of Magic Dongle, be connected wirelessly to an interactive whiteboard. This allows showing the app view on a big screen during classes as well as using it as a large tablet.

What does it all mean for the teacher? First of all: flexibility in his or her work, thanks to the simple access to many different apps. Children will learn more, and do so through more diverse means. That’s valuable even for 14-16 year old audiences.

All apps available through the Magic Bridge are free and don’t require additional investments. What’s important: the only investment you have to make, is getting your own Magic Dongle, that will allow Magic Bridge to connect your computer to multiple robots. The dongle is priced at EUR 19,99 and is available both on our store, as well as at your local distributor.

How to start using free Magic Bridge application at school? It’s easy. All you need is a Photon Magic Dongle plugged into a PC, the app from our website and at least one robot. An interactive board would also come in handy, as well as our educational mat. These will increase the range of topics you can cover by miles. We also encourage you to make use of our lesson plan templates, and creating your own, which you’ll soon be able to share… How? Stay tuned for more info!



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