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How Hobbies Benefit the Development of Your Child

“An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”. This is how Oxford’s Dictionary defines a hobby. Doesn’t sound too serious, right? Especially the pleasure part. There is so much more to hobbies. They’re not just silly pastime activities for kids, or unproductive adults. Hobbies can become a way of living your life. We often undervalue their importance. We ignore how many things are to be gained from pursuing these.

Hobbies are also one of the most vital aspects of a young human’s development. Kid who has a hobby or two, gains many valuable skills quicker, and often gets some headstart regarding their future profession.

Today we want to explore the topic of hobbies. What good can they bring to the development of your kid, what children can learn from these, and what types of hobbies will work best for your little, growing human.

From a Hobby to a Profession

Like we’ve mentioned before, hobbies can be a great start of something much, much bigger. Let’s say your child loves animals. He keeps checking them out on the internet, watches documentaries, has his own aquarium or a kitten. As the time goes, he will gain more and more precious knowledge useful in biology classes (animals and their behaviours), chemistry (knowledge about substances used to maintain the aquarium), physics (e.g. hydrodynamics for fish tank owners) and many more. Later on, such fascination regarding living organisms can lead to becoming a veterinarian or a doctor.

Robotics is another popular hobby. Many kids nowadays get fascinated by intelligent machines, and luckily we live in times when they’re available and affordable. By using a coding robot, child can learn programming, advanced mathematics, physics and most importantly: robotics. Having such hobby allows for gaining knowledge, that’s very valuable to modern employers and will without doubt guarantee hours of fun.

Lifelong Passions Keep Us Sane

All people, especially young children, need their own method to relieve stress. Hobbies are one of the best and healthiest ways to do it. Team sport related hobbies can help kids blow off some steam, same for activities like karate and other martial arts. Getting into physical activities will also improve their mood thanks to a better blood flow. Later on, when years pass by, some favourite sport hobby (like pool swimming) might remain their go to activity when their life gets challenging and stressful.

Healthier Child is a Happier Child – Sport and Outdoor Hobbies

And that leads us to yet another benefit – maintaining good health. Both mental and physical are incredibly important, especially when you’re young and still keep on growing.

Hobbies that include lots of movement can improve your kid’s posture and that’s valuable in times, when many classes and jobs include sitting in one position in front of a screen.

Improving one’s muscles will be helpful on PE classes and during everyday activities. Outdoor hobbies like sports or hiking give a boost to stamina and have a positive effect on the immune system.

Obesity can also be avoided or fought thanks to hobbies, and not just the sports ones. Recently, even hobbies like video games can help with that problem. About a decade ago we’ve had the Wii Fit phenomenon, and there’s no way you haven’t heard about an augmented reality mobile game with a yellow hamster as a mascot.

Gain Skills Useful in Adult Life

Hobbies help with gaining traits and skills useful in kindergarten, school, university, work and dealing with everyday problems. For example: art related hobbies like painting, sculpting, drawing comics, or sewing all have a positive effect on creativity of your child, while also developing his spatial imagination and the ability to express himself.

Writing is equally great for creativity, and also helps with language skills. And these texts don’t even have to be some super serious stories. Even comic books or a 2 page long SF themed piece will be an amazing start. Remember to avoid criticizing the hobbies of your kid, because they might be much more beneficial than you think (unless they include something clearly dangerous).

Many hobby related activities can also teach organizing and managing time. That includes seemingly unrelated activities like coding and gardening. Both teach how to use time efficiently, and get the best results possible with a set of resources you have at your disposal.

Another skill, that might as well be the key factor to whether a child manages to succeed in life is confidence and believing in his or her own abilities. Nothing helps to build up both of these as much as hobbies. Seeing progress and the results of your own actions, gives that special feeling of empowerment, that people often strive for.

Never Alone

Finally: hobbies help children in developing social skills. Many hobbies work best in groups and even these that don’t, encourage looking for other people with similar interests. This may make your child, who’s into japanese culture join a local anime club, calligraphy or language course. Kid who loves athletics will gladly join school’s or district’s football team. The feeling of being a part of a community is amazing and helps to interact with other people when you’re older.

Hobbies are also a fantastic way to bond within a family. You get the chance to go into the world of your child and learn more about him or her. And who knows, maybe even find your new passion thanks to that!


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