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Photon and Funtronic Interactive Floor Together

We’ve been hearing about the AR (Augmented Reality) for a long time. It’s a revolutionary idea, that allows us to enrich our perception of reality with elements straight from the digital world. This may include optical components, as well as visuals and sounds. The simplest example of such solution is the popular Pokemon Go, a game that managed to conquer the world not so long ago.

Contrary to virtual reality that “transports” us to the 3 dimensional simulation away from the physical world, Augmented Reality allows people to easily add some new “content” to their environment.

To explore it in the most common ways and use all the goodness that AR has to offer, all you  need is a smartphone with a proper app or a special pair of glasses. That’s not the only solution though. Other revolutionary technology that utilizes augmented reality, was made by a Polish company called Funtronic.

Interactive Floor

Interactive floor, as Funtronic calls their invention, is a projector-like device that has to be installed close to the ceiling. Funtronic Floor generates an interactive floor below it. The device comes equipped with a system of sensors, that can detect and react to children moving in its active areas.

Interactive floor is an universal and versatile solution. It can be used both by kids, as well as adults and seniors. Games, that it comes equipped with, support teaching languages, mathematics, history, basics of coding and other subjects. Such variety allows for many hours of amazing fun, mixed with learning and development.

Games designed with rehabilitation in mind support stimulating dysfunctional perception, improve motor development, introduce somatognosia (awareness of one’s body), and improve the sense of direction, while giving the users a chance to regulate their emotions and teach them the ways of expressing these.

The method used by Funtronic directs the attention of children towards educational elements by stimulating senses and using a system of motivators like applauses or smiley faces.

Interactive floor designed by Funtronic is currently being used by over 5000 institutions in Poland and all over the world. The solution is practiced in more than 20 countries in both education and rehabilitation areas.

First Steps Together

Photon and Funtronic are cooperating to deliver even better educational experiences to children. Merging coding with the interactive floor makes for a wonderful educational tool, that can be used by teachers.

Photon and Funtronic have actually met by pure chance.

“During one of the education related conferences, attended by both Photon and Funtronic, one of the children accidentally drove the educational robot into the Magical Carpet. Thanks to that, we became aware, that the device can track movements of the robot flawlessly. This gave us the idea to perform some tests and attempt to integrate both devices together.” – says Marcin Joka.

The road from the idea to its implementation was short. The companies have created 4 dedicated apps together. These allow the robot to be used during lessons about coding, geometry or activities teaching children to plan, predict and make decisions.

It’s the first solution of its kind in the world – a great mix of advanced AR technology with a programmable robot. Everything made with the education of children in mind.

How Does It Work Together

The integration of both devices stems from the intention to develop Polish technologies used in education. This fusion brings many benefits to children and youth all over the world. Thanks to that the classes become more attractive. Also: the amount of educational tools available to teachers is limited and this powerful combo increases them.

It’s also an unique experience when it comes to teaching programming. It gives children interactive, animated work environment, that provides intensive stimulation and boosts the engagement during lessons. Apart from coding, it can also teach the importance of augmented reality and shows how to make use of modern technology in a smart way.

From the school’s point of view it’s an advantage, that can increase the quality of classes, and helps the school in reaching higher levels of modern education.  It saves teacher’s time, that would otherwise be spent on preparing lesson plan templates. These are already included in the app and ready for use.

Where to Begin?

Working with the devices is very simple. All you need is the Photon robot and the Interactive Floor with Photon Pack installed. After launching, the devices don’t require any additional installations and actions from users. Just turn the power on, and begin your interactive adventure.


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